Nutrition and ration formulation

AgriPartner Consulting are experts in ruminant nutrition and ration formulation for sheep, cattle and goats.


Ration formulation

AgriPartner Consulting formulates rations with cost and profitability in mind, we can formulate rations that:

  • utilise feeds on-hand or to be sourced
  • provide optimal growth rates and animal health
  • allow rapid introduction, resulting in more time that stock are growing, not adjusting
  • can accommodate the safe and efficient use of by-products
Ration formulation

Correct nutrition for stock on pasture, or in intensive feeding systems, is critical for optimising production and achieving efficient and cost effective growth. Managing nutrition throughout the reproductive cycle can result in significantly improved fertility rates and weaner performance. 


We work with our clients to help them understand how and importantly why, small adjustments to nutrition can provide large results. 

Worried about the expense of supplementary feeding?

Ration formulation

Let us work through the costs and expected return with you to ensure the investment is worth it.

In our experience when the correct supplement is used in the right situation, the return on investment is great. Bad and expensive experiences with feeding are often the result of incorrect formulations or simply guessing - let us help get it right. 

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