Analytical services

Understanding the quality of feed and health of animals is paramount to achieving productive and profitable livestock enterprises.

AgriPartner Consulting can assist with analytical services for:

  • Feed testing
  • Faecal egg counts
  • Animal testing (blood and liver)
  • Soil testing

Feed testing of pasture or supplementary feed allows for profitable feeding strategies. AgriPartner Consulting has thousands of feed tests on file demonstrating that nutritive value of feed varies widely with species mix, region, soil type, season, rainfall, fertiliser applications etc --- nutritive value cannot be accurately predicted. 

Understanding the actual nutritive value of feed allows a ration to be formulated to meet requirements of livestock. Formulating rations based on 'average' figures can lead to excessive or inaccurate supplementation strategies, resulting in a far higher cost than a simple feed test and reduced animal performance. Contact us to take advantage of our discounted testing rates. 

Faecal egg counts and blood and liver trace mineral profiles can provide an early and accurate indication of any animal performance limitations. AgriPartner Consulting can assist in developing a testing plan to ensure that samples are collected at the right time and are representative of the system. We can also help with collection of samples if necessary.

Analytical services can determine whether productivity is being limited or whether an existing supplementation strategy is necessary.