Mineral nutrition

AgriPartner Consulting provides our clients independent advice and recommendations regarding macro and trace mineral supplementation.

Mineral supplement products appear to have a major marketing budget and you would be forgiven for thinking your stock will fall down without them. If you would like to discuss which minerals are really necessary in your system and how to cost effectively supply them, contact us. 

Mineral nutrition

AgriPartner Consulting has extensive experience investigating mineral imbalances for clients across Australia. There are simple and cost effective methods to determine exactly what minerals are required and when. 

As cropping and pasture productivity are pushed higher through fertiliser applications, mineral imbalances can be created for livestock - unfortunately the old district maps for mineral concentrations are changing and don't always apply. See our analytical services for info on how we can help you determine what, if any, supplementation is required.

See our research page for information on our current copper deficiency trial.