AgriPartner Consulting provides independent consultancy services to the livestock industry.


AgriPartner Consulting has specialist knowledge of ruminant production systems. We help individual producers, groups and industry organisations to improve the productivity and importantly the profitability of the livestock industry. For information on the services we offer click here.


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AgriPartner Consulting approaches all services it offers with the values of integrity, precision and efficiency. AgriPartner Consulting strives to be Australia’s leading agricultural consultancy business through ensuring that services offered are entirely independent and provide maximum return on investment for our clients. 

Our Mission

AgriPartner Consulting is dedicated to maximising the profitability and sustainability of the beef, sheep and goat industries through providing sound, practical, cost effective services.
— Hamish Dickson, Principal, AgriPartner Consulting

Last year AgriPartner Consulting helped over 300 producers managing 500,000 hectares.

These same producers manage over 1,200,000 sheep and 65,000 cattle.