Feed budgeting

Correctly setting stocking rates to take advantage of good seasons whilst minimising the impacts of difficult years requires experience, knowledge and accuracy. 

Feed budget AgriPartner

AgriPartner Consulting can help set your stocking rates to optimise profitability and utilise pasture availability. Stocking rate is the highest profit driver in livestock enterprises, however it must be optimised, not simply increased, to achieve great returns. 


We can review your stock numbers, pasture types and growth cycles to calculate a carrying capacity that suits your environment and enterprise. We will discuss many options for optimising stocking rates with you including trading stock, fodder conservation, containment areas, time of lambing/calving.




One of the most important outcomes of completing an accurate feed budget is creating trigger points to assess the season progress. Pro-actively managing stocking rates can allow you to make management decisions long before pasture and stock condition has declined - often saving you either buying in feed at high prices, or selling stock at the bottom of the market.