Project Description

'iSheep - Data Driving Management' provided an on-farm demonstration of new sheep technologies which utilise electronic (eID) ear tags. The ability to easily monitor individual animal performance provides producers with unprecedented information upon which to reliably and confidently make decisions regarding farm management. 

Commercial sheep enterprises are generally managed to an 'average'; that is, individual animal performance is not measured and therefore cannot be used as a management tool. The majority of decisions regarding whether animals remain in the flock are based on age rather than individual performance. Similarly, productivity is only measured as a flock average (ie marking percentage). RFID (or eID) tags and associated technology allow both stud and commercial sheep producers to easily record performance against each animal and make significantly improved selection decisions based on individual animal profitability. 


Project Case Study

Download the project case study HERE to view the project activities and results.




Several fact sheets were produced through the project detailing methods for collecting lamb and wool income per head, as well as a specific fact sheet regarding the setup and operation of a Pedigree Matchmaker system.



The videos below detail the methods used to collect lamb and wool production and income information for each ewe in the project. They demonstrate methods that can be utilised on any farm.

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This project is supported by AgriPartner Consulting through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board.