Intensive sheep, cattle and goat feeding systems

AgriPartner Consulting has extensive knowledge in the design, set-up and on-going management of intensive feeding systems such as feedlots, containment areas, droughtlots and ultrafine wool systems.


If you would like advice on any of the following areas don't hesitate to contact us:

  • site selection
  • design and construction
  • environmental protection
  • approval processes (if required)
  • operations and management
  • induction and feeding
  • animal health and welfare

AgriPartner Consulting can assist with ration formulation as well, see our ration formulation services here.

Correct ration formulation is critical to profitable intensive feeding systems, small differences in nutrition can affect growth rates significantly. High growth rates in feedlot systems are important to ensure stock are finished as efficiently as possible and allow greater annual throughput. 

Lamb feedlot

Interested in lamb feedlotting guidelines? Or maybe the best way to set up and manage a containment area or droughtlot? Download the National guidelines, co-authored by AgriPartner Consulting Principal, Hamish Dickson